Reviewed on 7/29/2015

Fabulous bar service, the owners were very nice! They were very helpful with customizing my event needs and their bartenders were very professional. I will be using them again in the future. I have already recommended them to a few friends because they made such a great impression!! Debbie L.



Meet Jason Myers and Marshall Boyd.  Both are full-time firemen with an attitude of service toward others.  It's no wonder they would end up as partners in one of the most exciting businesses around.  They learned a long time ago that there are times when only a perfect atmosphere will do.  Being family-oriented, they enjoy helping others get their events into the 'memorable' category.  Whether it's an anniversary, a wedding, or a corporate event, Jason and Marshall know what's important to you and won't let you down.  Modern, professional services are the order of the day from these two, well, modern professionals.  Once you meet with them about your event, you will agree with others who have commented that Jason and Marshall are the best in the industry.

Reviewed on 8/03/2015

My partner and I used the to find Magnolia Bay for our bar services and it was absolutely amazing. I spoke with the owners personally to discuss my needs and wants. They were very accommodating. The bartenders were tremendously helpful and very outgoing. I would highly recommend their services. Katherine E.